Introduction to Pressbee

Get yourself familiarise with Pressbee and all its features, how it is configured, what is the function of each component or part, how to set it up, some safety instructions, damage prevention to Pressbee, how to begin exercising and what comes in the box.

Download the Manual on How to Use Pressbee here!

Training Videos

Warming up, and upper body.

Warming up

Triceps with one arm

Triceps Curl Using Long Bar

Triceps Curl Using Short Bar

Single arm row

Shoulder shrug


Lat exercise

Triceps Donkey Kick Back

Dead Lift

Hammer curl

Chest Fly

Chest with grips

Chest press

Biceps with short bar

Biceps with long bar

Biceps with grips

Bend Over Row

Back or Raw Exercise

Ab Exercise

Training Videos

Lower body.

Straight leg raise

Standing up glute exercise

Squats Exercise

Side plank leg lift

Side lateral raise

Leg extension

Inner thighs or Adduction exercise

Hamstring Curl

Glutes or Abduction exercise

Donkey kick

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