This is to inform our customers of two potential durability issues with Pressbee- (1) fraying the end of the fabric strap and (2) potential failures of the latex tubes.

Fabric fraying- In some cases due to extensive rubbing action of the extra fabric at the end of latex tube attachment the end of the strap begins to fray and gradually gets unthread and could lead to total separation of the attachment feature- see photos below

Solution– if you see “fraying” of the latex attachment strap first cut the loose thread and then use flame gas lighter or something similar to melt the ends of loose thread and then press the melted part against solid cold surface- see video. Do NOT pull the thread as this will lead to more fraying and quick separation of the attachment.

Latex tube issues– Upon extensive endurance “Pulling and Rubbing” tests on all the resistance bands, it became evidence that a few of the latex resistance tubes do not meet our expectations with regards to wear mechanism. The tubes in question exhibited detachment (peeling) of “wear-protective” layer from the substrate causing cracks during testing that involved heavy pull and hard rubbing against solid surface. The cracks on the main section of latex tubes ultimately led to failure after extensive testing. This was to simulate the peeling seen on some of the tubes, mainly the orange one. The cause of this quality issues found to be, according to latex tubes’ OEM, due to incomplete processing operation or not properly brominated of latex tubes.

It is important to note that NOT all the latex tubes exhibit this quality issues. Moreover, there are other influencing factors that could exacerbate this failure mechanisms including amount of force is applied to a given resistance tube or the angle at which the tube is pulled- the steeper the angle relative to the base and the longer the tube is pulled the more likelihood of wear protection failure of the tubes in the vicinity of the holes on the base.

Solution– A kit has been developed and now available, upon request, to replace the failed tube(s). There is a video on this Website showing how to remove the damaged one and install a new one on the Base part (black part).

Stop Strap Fraying
How to Replace Latex Resistance Tubes

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