frequently asked questions

1- What are the sizes and weight of each components?

Step (top) is 46 X 16 X 7 inch and weighs 10 lb

Base (lower part) is 56 X 7.5 X 3 inch and weighs 9 lb

2- What are the material of each components?

Step is made of ABS material

Base is steel re-inforced ABS material

3- What are the length and material of accessories?

Long Barbell is 53 inch – zinc coated steel

Short Barbell is 20 inch – zinc coated steel

Hand grips 5.5 inch – zinc coated steel

Straps- nylon fabrics and soft padding

Pully – zinc coated steel and nylon rope

4- What is the total weight of Pressbee?

25 lb

5- What are the resistance tubes material?

Latex – purchased from USA

6- What are the resistance levels of the latex tubes?

The lightest (Green) is 9 lb and the heaviest (Red) is 35 lb when they are extended by two feet- see Design & Function or user manual for more details

7- What are the limits of extension for the latex resistance tubes?

Tubes are tested up to 6 times of their original length but it is our instructions NOT to extend them more than three times of their original length or 3 ft. See manual for details

8- What is your shipping time?

We ship within 2 days of receiving your order using USPS- ground shipping

9- What is the warranty policy for Pressbee?

We have 1-year manufactures warranty . Normal wear and tear and misuse do not apply


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