Step and Base Design

Both Step and Base are made of ABS material that is durable, very strong and provides excellent impact strength. The Step is very similar to the typical Step platform in size and shape. However, it is designed to have the height needed for optimum travel of body parts relative to the Base for most exercises, and to fit on the the Base correctly.

The Base is where all the latex tubes are anchored, and it is designed to be able to carry the load of up to 110 lb on each side, when it is supported in the two center slot locations. There are six latex resistance tubes attached at each end, with five different levels of resistance ranging from 9 lb to 35 lb when they are extended by approximately two feet. The two parts (Step and Base) are designed for two setup configurations – perpendicular and in-line format. These two configurations increase the variety of exercises the user can perform.


Barbells (long and short) – are made of zinc coated 1 ¼ inch steel. Two rings and slip prevention bumps in between the two rings were added, two at each end of the long bar and two in the center of the short bar. This is to ensure that the latex tubes can easily be placed and removed without the ring slipping on the bar.

Hand-Grips – are made of steel and zinc coated. They are shaped for simplicity and ease of attaching/detaching the latex tubes to them.

Ankle/knee Straps – straps are sized to fit around ankles and your upper knee. High quality velcro is used for quick placement and adjustment. Wide and soft padding is secured to the inside of the strap to provide users with the most comfort possible during the workout.

Long Straps – Strong, high quality straps are used with simple clips and velcro for easy and quick placement and adjustment.

Pulley – Pulley with two ropes. Each rope has a spring hook at one end and a ring at the other end for easy and quick attach/detach actions.

Tube Connections

Connecting the tubes to the Base, and also having a means of connecting the tubes to the barbell or hand grip etc., required careful evaluation of how most users would utilize the equipment. Tubes were anchored to the Base using a plastic anchor. At the other end, rings with straps and grommets were found to be the best option, since they provide the user with quick and easy add and remove actions. Clips were rejected due to not being user friendly and time consuming. The grommets have straps attached to the ring in the center and there is sufficient strap material to prevent larger rings from dropping off the barbell. Accordingly, to add and remove the ring(s) from the barbell, a little “wiggling” is needed.

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