Body Sculpting

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Legs & Butt

We all want to have the well rounded and firm perfect-looking butt however getting it is another matter. Although strong glute and hamstring muscles are the engine that powers you when you sprint, your quads play a key role in not just moving you forward but also straighten your knees and keep them aligned. Moreover, it is not feasible to have a perfect butt without ignoring what it is supported by, which is your quads since they are all connected.

Your quads, which are the front and side muscles on your upper leg, don’t just keep you mobilized, but keep you stabilized and make sure your knees are functioning correctly. Weak quads often lead to knee injuries due to the fact that knee joints are not well balanced and can get quickly out of alignment when lateral forces are exerted on them, which often results in meniscus tears or other injuries. Having strong quads muscles, just like your glutes, are not only about vanity but also has many health benefits including minimizing knee and back injuries.

Building and strengthening your glutes, inner thighs and quads can be very challenging, especially at home.

However, if you have a well-designed home gym equipment that can provide you a wide range of resistance levels and motions, then you can build and firm your butt and quads at the convenience of your home.

With Pressbee you can perform hip-dominant exercises which focuses on glutes and hamstrings and knee-dominant moves that targets your quads. Use our machine to perform a variety of different glutes and leg exercises to develop the well-rounded, firm butt and strong quads you desire. Remember, variety is the key- just doing squats day-in, day-out wont achieve the desired results.

Use our workout equipment to perform exercises like hip adduction to target your inner thighs, which are not easy to focus on, hip abduction to target your gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. Perform exercises like donkey-kick, fire hydrant, lateral side knee raise, straight leg raise, side plank leg lift, squats, deadlift, side plank leg lift and many more, all at the convenience of your home.

Shoulder & Back

Working your shoulder is not all about gains in size but also about health benefit. Many studies have found patients with rotator cuff pain saw significant improvements in their shoulder after a few weeks of shoulder exercises.

With all the recent home-office work and slumping over the keyboard all day, there is no doubt that your posture has worsened. Since the change is usually gradual, most people do not notice their posture worsening or shoulders rounding more and more each day. This is usually caused by a weakness in your back and shoulder muscles. All these weaknesses create imbalances in your upper body, and  yet we still wonder why we get injured.

Steady and effective back workouts with ergonomically designed equipment will improve your posture, eliminate the keyboard hunch and strengthen your muscles. With our shoulder and back workout equipment and “your determination”, you can achieve the attractive look, have strong shoulders and back in order to improve mobility and minimize injury. Use our home shoulder and back workout equipment to safely and effectively perform a variety of strengthening exercises.

With Pressbee, you can perform shoulder and back exercises like shoulder barbell press, seated dumbbell press, lateral raise, frontal raise, shoulder shrug, barbell, barbell bent-over row, single arm row, lateral side pull down and many more.

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If you are working out to get sculpted, increase  your strength, or more defined arms, the type of arms that you be proud to show off in your fitted T-shirt, our workout equipment is for you. Biceps and triceps are not always easy to build. Jumping on the stationary bike,  taking a crossfit class or doing an hour of Instagram live workouts will not achieve the results you expect. You need focused strength training to subject your muscles to steady, controlled and increasing force to tear the muscles fibers.

Pressbee brings you an arm workout machine that spurs your arm muscles and effectively targets your biceps and triceps with wide range of motions and resistance levels while minimizes those nasty injury. Get more defined arms by doing professional strengthening exercises to build your arms at the comfort of your own home.

Use our workout equipment to perform various arm exercises and get defined toned and muscular arms. You can do  bicep curls, hammer curls, alternating bicep curls, inner bicep curls, two-arm triceps extension, kickback triceps, palm-up triceps, overhead curl, and much more



Many published studies found that women’s and men’s perception of the ideal male body include a muscular, wide chest that creates an overall V-shaped torso. If you are struggling with developing your chest, you’ll need to challenge all your chest muscles with wide range of motions and resistance levels- performing fast or repetitive reps is unlikely to produce the results we all seek.

You cannot target all your chest muscles effectively if you don’t have the right equipment. Pressbee brings you a chest workout machine that you can target different sets of muscles with a wide range of resistance levels while performing many forms of chest exercises for greater strength.

Get a more eye-catching and imposing physique by doing chest muscles strengthening exercises in the comfort of your home.

Use this machine to perform a variety of different chest exercises to develop the pecs you want. Remember, variety is the key to develop strong muscles, using just a flat bench press will not be stimulus. With Pressbee you can do flat bench press, incline and decline bench press, bench fly, incline and decline bench fly, dumbbell bench press, incline and decline dumbbell bench press and many more with our ultra-strengthening workout equipment.