Hi, my name is Mohammad Saadatmand.

I am the inventor, designer and developer of this home gym equipment that I named it “Pressbee”.

Being both a “gym-rat” and a hard core mechanical engineer, I have always wanted to have a gym at home, so I could workout on days when gyms are closed, on rainy days, or when I was pressed for time. Of course these days, with Covid 19 raging everywhere, not many of us are willing to go back to our usual gyms.

There are few options currently available on the market, but we all know that the ones providing a decent range of load for the various muscle groups, and which are reasonably easy to use are expensive, take up a lot of space and are massive in weight. The ones that are fairly compact and light are more like “toys” for those of us who really want to workout and feel the “pump” after a session.

So with that in mind, I pondered over different methods of applying loads to given muscle groups- gravity based or elastic material

Pressbee is based on latex resistance tubes, which provide a wide range of load for beginners or those who want to use light weights, and for those who want to lift heavier weights, like the strong or big guys. It is relatively compact, light, ergonomic and easy to use, and the user can exercise most of his/her muscle groups in the same manner and strength as he could with equipment at their local gyms.

Enjoy it, and keep up with good strength training!

Yours truly,

Mohammad Saadatmand

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