Pressbee Home Gym

This Patent-Pending equipment has been designed by gym-rat engineer to provide users with ability to perform a variety of different strength training exercises each targeting different muscle groups. Pressbee feels and performs just like Smith Machine but yet weighs just over 20 lb and fit under your bed- quite amazing! It’s the only available compact home gym to properly perform adduction and abduction exercises to build your inner thighs and glutes.


Pressbee Home Gym Equipment: This equipment has been designed and configured to provide users with ways and means of performing many different strength training exercises. Pressbee has the capacity for load of over 110 lb on each side or total of 220 lb when the latex tubes are extended by about 2 feet which is typical extension for most exercises. It is light and compact and easily fits under your bed.

There are 6 latex resistance tube on each side with five different levels of resistance ranging form 9 lb to 35 lb when extended. These resistance levels easily provide ample range of load for the beginners or those that train with light weight to those that really want to pump hard with heavy weights.

Step is made of ABS material to be strong but yet light and weighs about 9lb. It is wide and long to support users comfortably for many different exercises.

Base, where all the resistance tubes are attached to, is steel-reinforced to provide solid support and rigidity heavy weight lifters demand. But at the same time it is light or just over 9lb.

Time to Pump Iron & Build Muscles


Feel Your Chest

To be able to push yourself to your max or beyond your limit one must have the feeling of well supported and the confidence so as not to cause any injury. Pressbee supports your back, specially the upper body comfortably and with resistance tubes injury is minimised



Having the means to exercise one muscle groups with heavy followed by light weight is often desired. With Pressbee adding and removing resistance levels is as easy as sliding out one attachment ring while still on the same position



Working out different muscle groups or circuit training has many advantages- your heart rate remains up and blood flows to bring energy to your muscles. With Pressbee you can switch from biceps to triceps or shoulders to back without too many change is setups

Extensive and clear instructional videos to provide users how to perform many different exercise comfortably.

Types of Strength Training

Chest – bench press, incline and decline bench press, bench fly, incline and decline bench fly, dumbbell bench press, incline and decline dumbbell bench press,

Arms – biceps curl, palm-down curl, alternate biceps curl, inner bicep curl, two arm triceps extension, kickback triceps, palm-up triceps, behind the back curl,

Shoulder – shoulder press, alternate shoulder press, shoulder shrug, shoulder curl,

Back – bent-over row, single arm row, lat pull- down,

Legs – leg extensions, hamstring extensions, inner thigh exercises, outer thigh exercises, calf exercises,

Glutes – deadlift, soft knee deadlift, supported single leg deadlift, donkey kick, raised straight legs, fire hydrant (lateral bend knee raise), abduction (lean forward, sit up straight, lean back).

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